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What is Hacking? And Different Types of Hacking and Hackers

What is Hacking? And Different Types of Hacking


What is Hacking? And Different Types of Hacking and Hackers

In today’s digital world everyone is somehow familiar with the term hacking. But few of them understand the true meaning of hacking. In simple words, it could be termed as stealing or robbing. It would also mean violating someone’s privacy or destroying someone’s reputation. Read more about Technology

The term “hacker” originally denoted a proficient programmer who was skilled in computer code and computer software during the 1990s. In specific, by reading a competitor’s code, these people may also hack on an unsatisfactory program to fix problems and indulge in a little business tech spying. Sadly, some of these hackers have also become specialists in hacking password-protected devices, data, and networks and have come to be known as crackers and the process being called hacking.

What is Hacking? And Different Types of Hacking

What is Hacking?

Hacking points to practices trying to hack digital products, such as laptops, tablets and even entire networks. It may not necessarily be for criminal purposes, nowadays most hacking refers and hackers as unlawful action by cybercriminals motivated by financial gain, agitation, information, surveillance and even for fun. It is the method of finding and manipulating vulnerabilities to obtain unauthorized access to data and device resources in a program or network. An attacker can also describe it as an unwanted intrusion by breaching access to the information of systems and networks.

Typically the hacking is technical in nature. But hackers may also use persuasion to deceive the user to either click on a fake attachment or have personal information. What is Supernova? The Brightest Explosion In Space

Who are hackers and different types of Hacking

Now comes another point who is a hacker or who can be termed as a hacker. Someone who investigates techniques for breaking defenses and leveraging operating device or network vulnerabilities. Hackers may be motivated by a variety of reasons, such as benefit, protest, collecting information, challenge, leisure, or assessing system weaknesses to help formulate defenses against potential hackers. There are different types of hacker and hacking and they are as follows :

  • Ethical Hacker (White hat hacking): Ethical Hacking is an accepted method of circumventing device protections in order to detect possible data vulnerabilities and risks within a network. The corporation that owns the device or network requires Information Security specialists to conduct these exercises to test the protections of the device. Thus this operation, unlike malicious hacking, is designed, accepted and, most importantly, legal. Read more about ethical or white hat hacking here.
  • Cracker (Black Hat hacking): A black hat hacker is a hacker who breaches computer protection for personal gain or malice.
  • Grey hat: Grey hat hackers are the variation between black and white hat hackers. They hack for enjoyment, without any sinister intent. They do the hacking without the intended organization’s permission.
  • Red hat hacker: Like hackers in white hats, red hat hackers also seek to target hackers in black hat. Red hat hacker starts actively targeting the hacker so that the hacker will know it needs to uninstall the whole device as well.
  • Script kiddies: Inadequate persons who use applications or tools created by others to target operating systems and networks, including default pages, such as a web shell.
  • Hacktivist: It is the act of hacking or breaking into a computer network for reasons which are politically or socially motivated.
  • Phreak: A phreak is someone who secretly hacks into the telecommunications network, usually to make free long-distance calls or to access the telephone lines. Often, the term is often used to describe someone who violates or attempts to breach some network protection.

Difference between White Hat Hacker and Black Hat Hacker

Black Hat hackers are inspired by malice intent, expressed by personal benefit, income or intimidation. White Hat hackers are looking for and remedying bugs to discourage the abuse of Black Hats. Although White Hat practices the same tactics and procedures as hacking Black Hat, only one is permissible by statute. Black Hat Hackers violate the rule without permission by hacking networks. Organizations hire white hat hackers to infiltrate their networks and spot security problems. Black hat hackers don’t own the machine nor do they work with those who own it.

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