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What is Boltzmann constant?


What is Boltzmann constant?

Max Plank introduces the Boltzmann constant, and is named after Ludwig Boltzmann. It is a physical constant which is obtained by taking the ratio of two constants, namely gas constant and Avogadro’s Number.

The Boltzmann constant values are obtained by the division of gas constant R by the Avogadro’s Number.

The Value of Boltzmann constant is 1.38064852 × 10-23 m2 kg s-2 K-1

Boltzmann constant in thermodynamics is the physical constant that compares the total kinetic energy of the gas particles and the gas temperature defined by k or kB. Boltzmann’s value constant is calculated using either J/K or m2Kgs-2K-1. And is often found in the entropy theorem of Boltzmann, and the Black body radiation law of Planck.

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