What Is Squash Sport? Rules of Squash

Have you seen two players playing with a racket and hitting the ball on the walls of a locked transparent court? Well, that is the Squash sport. You may have wondered how Squash is Played, and what are the rules of a Squash Game. Here we are going to discuss everything in detail.

What Is Squash Sport?

Squash is a ball and racket sport. It is mainly played between two players known as singles or between four players known as a doubles game. The players play on the accessible surfaces of the court’s floor, by hitting the ball with their rackets on the side of the court’s four walls. The game’s main goal is to smash the ball in such a way that the opponent can’t make a fair return.

Squash playing equipments – Racket and Ball
Origin of Squash Sport

Origin or history of Squash sport dates back to the 18th century. Squash originated in Britain mainly in the prisons of London. But it gained popularity in the 19th century when people started to play it in pubs, clubs, schools.

The first recorded game was played in 1830 at Harrow School, London, England. But during that time there was no set of rules or regulations or dimensions of the court. In 1907 various tennis and racket associations set up a subcommittee for squash which would set up rules and regulations for the game. In 1923 the Royal Automobile Club held a meeting to discuss further the rules and regulations of Squash. in 1928 the Squash rackets Association was established to set standards for squash

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Acceptance of Squash sport around the world
  • 20 million people play regularly the sport around the globe.
  • It is played in over 185 countries.
  • Squash is administered by its governing body the World Squash Federation (WSF).
  • WSF is recognised by IOC (International Olympic Committee).
  • WSF has 149 member federations.
  • It is not a part of Olympic Games despite numerous bidding.
  • Squash is a part of Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and Pan American Games.
  • The Professional Squash Association (PSA) is the regulatory body for the professional squash circuit for men and women alike. It is smilar as ATP and WTA in Tennis.

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What Is Squash Sport? Rules of Squash
Yellow lines depicts the playing area
Rules of Squash or How the a Squash Game is Played
  • The main objective is to score more points than your opponent,
  • It is played in court with four walls.
  • The dimensions of walls in singles are 6.4m*9.75m and 5.64m height.
  • The dimensions of walls in singles are 7.62m*9.75m and 5.64m height.
  • There is a bottom line also known as Tin on the wall below which hitting the ball is not allowed.
  • There are lines on the walls, and if the ball hits outside those lines the ball is considered out.
  • Play starts with a serve and a player must stand within the service box.
  • The ball must hit inside the marked service line and the ball must land on the opposite corner for a service to be legal.
  • In Squash main object is hitting the ball after one bounce from the wall if the player lets the ball bounce twice than the opponent will gain a point.
  • Here the main goal is to make it difficult for the opponent to hit the ball on the first bounce.
  • If any player hits the ball outside the area of play then the opponent gets a point.
  • A player after playing a shot must get out of the way of the opponent’s ball or the opponent will be awarded a point and it is known as ‘stroke’.
  • But if a player wants to get out of the way but couldn’t then it is known as ‘Let’ and no one will be awarded any point.
  • After a player wins a point, the player will get the service which is known as ‘Rally’.
  • A squash game is won when a player won 11 points and the player must be 2 points clear from his opponent.
  • If the points are tied or there is no 2 points clearance the play will continue until one player is clear of 2 points.
  • Squash is played usually played for the best of the five games.
  • Whoever wins three games first wins the match.
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