What is HTTP? The reason we are able to use Internet

What is http

At first, you need to know what HTTP stands for. It means Hypertext Transfer Protocol. What is HTTP? This is a protocol to extend, distribute, and share hypermedia information systems. Hypertext Transfer Protocol is the backbone of the World Wide Web (WWW) data communication, where hypertext documents include hyperlinks to other assets which the user … Read more

What is Hacking? And Different Types of Hacking and Hackers

What is Hacking? And Different Types of Hacking

In today’s digital world everyone is somehow familiar with the term hacking. But few of them understand the true meaning of hacking. In simple words, it could be termed as stealing or robbing. It would also mean violating someone’s privacy or destroying someone’s reputation. Read more about Technology The term “hacker” originally denoted a proficient … Read more

What is Ethical Hacking? Is this type of Hacking Bad or Good

What is Ethical Hacking

In the 1960s, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the word ‘Hacker’ was invented to describe experts who used their expertise to redesign mainframe systems, improve their productivity and enable them to perform multi-tasks. There comes Ethical Hacking. What is Ethical Hacking? Ethical Hacking is an accepted method of circumventing device protections in order to … Read more