What is Dwarf Star? Many of the main sequence stars are Dwarf

What is Dwarf Star? A Dwarf star is a fairly small sized star with low brightness. Many of the main sequence stars are Dwarf stars. The concept was initially invented in 1906 when the Danish astronomer Ejnar Hertzsprung discovered that two distinct classes could be separated into the reddest stars — classified as K and … Read more

What is Supernova? The Brightest Explosion In Space

What is supernova, crab nebula

What is Supernova? A supernova is a strong and glistening eruption of the stellar. This transient observational phenomenon happens during a massive star’s final developmental phases, or when a white dwarf is ignited through rapid nuclear fusion. Supernova is also known as supernovae or supernovas, any one of a class of aggressively exploded stars whose … Read more

What Is Active Galactic Nucleus? AGN Explained In Details

What Is Active Galactic Nucleus?

What is Active Galactic Nucleus? Here at TheWhatIs.Org, we are going to explain in detail about Active Galactic Nucleus (AGN). It is also referred to as Active Galactic Nuclei. Active galactic Nucleus (AGN), little area at the focal point of a universe that transmits a monstrous measure of energy as radio, optical, X-beam, or gamma … Read more

What Is Quasar? One of the Brightest Object in the Universe

What Is a Quasar?

What is a Quasar? Many of you were wondering what is a quasar for several times. Here we are going to explain in detail about quasar. Space is one of the most amazing things which human is yet to understand and Quasar is one of those things. Now let’s come back to what is a … Read more