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What is Centre of Mass? Differences with Centre of Gravity


What is Centre of Mass? Differences with Centre of Gravity

In physics, the centre of mass distribution in space is the distinctive point where the weighted relative position of the mass distribution corresponds to zero. This is the point where force can be applied to induce linear acceleration without angular acceleration.

The centre of the body’s mass is the position that changes as the forces are applied to the body. The motion of a body can be defined as the motion of its centre of mass.

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Differences with Centre of mass and Centre of Gravity

The centre of mass is often mistaken with the centre of gravity. The centre of gravity of the extended object aligns with its centre of mass when the object is in a fully uniform gravitational field. If the body is not located in a single gravitational field, its centre of mass and centre of gravity would be at two separate places.

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1 Comment

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