What is Angular Displacement?

The angular displacement is defined as the angle an object travels on a circular path around. It is the angle between the original and the final positions, in radians. Angular Displacement is a vector quantity, which means it has both magnitude and direction. The SI unit for Angular Displacement is Radian or Degrees. Two pi radian equals to 360o.

It is the angle that a body renders when traveling along a circular direction. Before we move through the subject, even more, we have to explain what rotational motion entails. When a solid body rotates about its own axis the wave stops being an object. This is so because speed and acceleration will change at any moment in a circular course. The movement of solid bodies or bodies that will remain stable over the period of movement, is called rotational motion around a fixed axis.

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The angle made at some point in the rotational motion by the body from its place of rest is the angular displacement.

When a dancer dancing around a pole performs a full circle, the angular spin is 360 degree. He or she does half a rotation, on the other hand; the displacement would be 180 degree.

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