Scientists Discover New Form of Ice with Liquid Water Density

A team of scientists at University College London has made a groundbreaking discovery: a new form of ice with the same density as liquid water. The discovery of medium-density amorphous ice fills a gap in our understanding of frozen water and its molecular structure. Unlike crystalline ice, the newly discovered ice has a chaotic molecular structure more similar to glass, making it a unique find in the field.

The team made the discovery through a process called ball milling, where the ice was put into a chamber with stainless-steel balls and turned until the material was ground up. The ball milling process resulted in the shearing and compression of the ice crystals, pushing them into a disorganized state and creating medium-density amorphous ice.

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The new form of ice has some strange properties, including a density of 1.06 grams per cubic centimeter and the ability to store mechanical energy and release it through heating. The discovery of medium-density amorphous ice could also help researchers better understand liquid water and its unique properties.

This discovery opens up new avenues for research in the field and will contribute to the understanding of frozen water and its various forms. It’s a groundbreaking discovery that has the potential to change the way we think about ice and its properties.

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