New Species of Spiny-Throated Reed Frog Discovered in Tanzania

A team of scientists from the University of Cincinnati, London’s Natural History Museum and Spanish National Research Council have discovered a new species of spiny-throated reed frog in the Mamiwa-Kisara North Forest Reserve in the Ukaguru Mountains of Tanzania. The new species, named Hyperolius ukaguruensis, has unique body proportions and smaller eyes in relation to its head compared to other spiny-throated reed frogs. Pathogenic Fungi Outsmart Ants Social Immunity by Reducing Detection Signals

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The male frogs of this group do not call like other frogs, and the team believes they may use their spine as a way to recognize each other. With only a few species in this group and small populations, the discovery of Hyperolius ukaguruensis is a major win for conservation efforts. The Mamiwa-Kisara North Forest Reserve is under threat from human activities and the fast population growth in Tanzania, making the new species of high conservation concern.

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Amphibians are particularly susceptible to human impacts, and their survival is important to maintain healthy ecosystems. They play a crucial role in the food chain, eating insects and being eaten by other animals. The discovery of Hyperolius ukaguruensis highlights the need to continue exploring the biodiversity-rich submontane forests of Tanzania and understanding the species that live there.

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