International Space Station Reports Unexplained Pressure in Russian Spacecraft

On Saturday, the International Space Station (ISS) reported an unexplained pressure in a Russian spacecraft. Russian space agency, Roscosmos, revealed that the Progress cargo ship had lost cabin pressure and the exact reason behind the incident was under investigation. The vessel was sealed off from the rest of the station to prevent any potential dangers.

A Depressurization in Cooling System Detected

The Roscosmos stated that a depressurization in the cooling system of the Progress MS-21 cargo ship was detected by the mission control specialists. The crew aboard the ISS were informed of the incident, but they were in no danger, as the temperature and pressure aboard the station were normal. The crew continued with their normal space station operations without any disruptions. Doomsday Clock Advances to 90 Seconds to Midnight – Closest to Apocalypse Ever.

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NASA Confirms Coolant Leak as the Reason for Depressurization

NASA later confirmed that the depressurization was due to a coolant leak. The reason for the loss of coolant in the Progress 82 spacecraft is still being investigated. NASA reassured that the crew was in no danger and that the hatches between Progress 82 and the station were open. The temperatures and pressures aboard the station were all normal, and the crew was continuing with their normal space station operations.

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In conclusion, the unexplained pressure in the Russian spacecraft docked with the International Space Station was due to a coolant leak, according to NASA. The crew was informed of the incident, but they were in no danger and continued with their normal operations. The exact reason behind the coolant leak is still under investigation.

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