Doomsday Clock Advances to 90 Seconds to Midnight – Closest to Apocalypse Ever

  • The Doomsday Clock, created 76 years ago by atomic scientists, has moved to 90 seconds to midnight, the closest to human extinction ever recorded
  • The reasons for this advancement include Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, the climate crisis, and biological threats such as the unchecked spread of COVID-19
  • The clock has been stuck at 100 seconds to midnight for the past three years, and has now moved one step closer, largely due to the growing risks in the war in Ukraine
  • The clock was first created in 1947 as a means to signal to the public the dire and growing threat of nuclear weapons, but in 2007, it was expanded to include all human-made existential threats
  • The decision on the clock’s time each year is made by a board of 18 experts from backgrounds spanning diplomacy, nuclear science, climate change, disruptive technologies and military history, who consult with colleagues and Nobel laureates before agreeing on the clock’s position.
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