36 OneWeb Internet Satellites Set for Launch on ISRO’s LVM-3 Rocket

OneWeb, the UK-based company revolutionizing global connectivity, has sent its second batch of 36 satellites to India for launch by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on LVM-3 in March of this year. The satellites left OneWeb’s UK facility on an Antonov aircraft, with the company tweeting, “Our satellites have now been loaded ahead of our upcoming launch with Isro. This is the final time we will load up an Antonov aircraft with our satellites for Gen1, demonstrating how close we are to truly global connectivity.”

This launch is part of two launch service contracts with M/s Network Access Associated Limited (M/s OneWeb) to launch the satellites. OneWeb recently completed its 16th launch on a Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX, bringing its total constellation to 542 satellites, more than 80% of its Gen1 constellation. OneWeb plans to initiate global coverage in 2023 and its connectivity solutions are already live in the wider Arctic region including Canada, Alaska, the UK, and beyond.

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Once the satellites reach India, they will be mated and integrated with the LVM-3 and subjected to key tests to check the validity of the mission. OneWeb had signed up with ISRO and SpaceX after Russia denied launch services following the Ukraine war and sanctions from western countries.

OneWeb’s quest for global connectivity is reaching new heights as it inches closer to truly global connectivity. The company’s determination to bring internet access to every corner of the world is evident as it continues to launch satellites and expand its constellation. With the successful launch of its second batch of satellites, OneWeb’s dream of global connectivity may soon become a reality.

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