NCERT Class 7 Geography Chapter 5 Solutions – Water

Class 7 NCERT Geography solution of Chapter 5 – Water (Our Environment)

Here are free NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Geography Chapter 5 Water. This is one of the most important chapters of the Class VII (Geography) Our Environment book of Social Science (S.St) Subject. Social Science (Sst) is one the main backbone of a student’s career mainly pursuing an arts stream or aiming for civil services exams in the future. These Class 7 NCERT Science solutions will be very helpful in the upcoming class VII (7) CBSE board Exam.

The social sciences are a group of academic disciplines that study society. This branch of science explores how people interact with one another, how they behave, how cultures develop, and how they influence the world. Social science teaches us about the world beyond our immediate experience and can help us understand how our own society works – from the causes of unemployment to what promotes economic growth, to how and why people vote, and what makes people happy. It provides critical information to governments and policymakers and local governments, non-governmental organizations, and others. In the CBSE curriculum, Social Science or popularly known as Social Studies (S.St) Subject includes Disciplines like Civics, Economics, Geography, History, etc. Geography is the study of the earth’s physical features and its environment and human behavior as it affects and is influenced by them, such as population distribution, resource distribution, and political and economic activities.

CBSE NCERT Class 7 Geography Chapter 5 – Water Solutions

This is the solution of Class 7 Geography book’s (Our Environment) chapter 5 – Water. These solutions are curated and created by expert Social Science, Geography teachers. These solutions are CBSE exam-focused including AISSE (All India Secondary School Examination), JEE, JEE Mains, NEET, Medical, Civil Service, and various other exams. Students will be the most profited from these career and exam-oriented solutions.

CBSE NCERT Class VII Social Studies free solutions. CBSE NCERT Class VII Social Science solutions are available here for free. This is one of the best solutions you will find for the class 7 Geography (Our Environment) book. It will help students get good marks in the CBSE board exams. Solution of NCERT class 7 Geography Chapter 5 – Water.

Here is the solution of Water the fifth chapter of NCERT Class 7 Our Environment (Geography) Book –


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