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Madhyamik 2021 Topper List – Top 20


Madhyamik 2021 Topper List – Top 20

Check out Madhyamik 2021 Topper List of Top 20 students in medha talika of 2021 class 10 WB result. WBBSE has published the result of the 2021 madhyamik exam on 20th July 2021. Here is how you can check Madhyamik 2021 results and the topper list of madhyamik 2021 which includes the top 20 students.

What is Madhyamik 2021 Topper list?

Every year WBBSE board which conducts madhyamik exam or class 10 exam in wb publishes the Topper List or Medha Talika. This list includes top students across the state who appeared on the madhyamik or class 10 exam. This list is a matter of pride for everyone including top students from the list to the teachers, schools, parents, and even to the locality that topper student belongs to.

How Madhyamik Topper List or Medha Talika is Created?

Madhyamik medha talika or WB Class 10 topper list is based on the total obtained marks or number of a student out of total marks or number that is 700. Top 10 or Top 20 students having highest obtained marks features on the list.

How To Check Madhyamik 2021 Result ?
Madhyamik Topper List – Top 20
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How, Where, and When to Check Madhyamik 2021 Result Online?

On 16th July WBBSE has published a notification on How, where, and When to check madhyamik 2021 result or WB class 10 result. Name of websites and Mobile Apps to publish WB madhyamik 2021 result.

Madhyamik 2021 Topper List – Top 20

Madhyamik 2021 has 100 percent pass percentage. 90 percent students got first division. Here is the Full list of madhyamik 2021 top 20 students –

  • 1st Rank : 697 (79 Student Got the first rank)
  • 2nd Rank : As examination was canceled due to COVID 19 , there is no medha talika or topper list this year.
  • 3rd Rank :
  • 4th Rank :
  • 5th Rank :
  • 6th Rank :
  • 7th Rank :
  • 8th Rank :
  • 9th Rank :
  • 10th Rank :
  • 11th Rank :
  • 12th Rank :
  • 13th Rank :
  • 14th Rank :
  • 15th Rank :
  • 16th Rank :
  • 17th Rank :
  • 18th Rank :
  • 19th Rank :
  • 20th Rank :

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