What is Ozone Layer? The Saviour of Life on Earth

What is Ozone Layer

What is the Ozone Layer? Everyone does know about the Ozone (O₃) Layer which helps us by preventing Ultraviolet rays from The Sun to enter the Earth’s atmosphere and can cause very harmful effects on us. Or simply it is a dense stratosphere layer covering the Earth which contains massive quantities of ozone. The sheet … Read more

What is Ozone? Understanding The Ozone molecule (O₃)

The Ozone molecule (O₃)

What is the Ozone molecule? Ozone an inorganic molecule is also known as trioxygen whose chemical formula is (O₃). Ozone is a blue gas with a strong odor. The introduction of Ozone Molecule The molecular structure of the ozone was set down in 1872. Ozone is an unstable and poisonous irritant, light blue gas except … Read more

What is Adsorption? Not to be confused with Absorption

What is adsorption

What is adsorption? It is one of the important and most asked questions in chemistry. In 1881 the German physicist Heinrich Kayse named the term “adsorption.” Adsorption is the adhesion (the action or process of sticking to a surface or object) of atoms, ions or molecules onto a surface from a gas, liquid or dissolved … Read more

What is Absorption? How process of absorption Happens

What is Absorption

What is absorption? Absorption is a mechanism in chemistry, in which a substance contained in one state is passed to another substance in a different state such as gases absorbed by a liquid, or liquids absorbed by a solid. The most widely known use of absorption as an industrial method is for splitting and/or purifying … Read more